atlanta sales training approach, immediate sales results
Atlanta Sales and Consulting's approach and methodology to training your sales staff.


What is different with ASC's approach to training?


Our answer to the question of how to train or retrain an experienced sales staff is remarkably simple yet very effective.
It will also give you immediate tangible sales results.


I started formulating this idea of how to structure a sales training course back in the early 1990's. The company I was working for was a large private label paint company. We were doing very well. We had about 20 sales reps covering approximately 600 retail stores. There was no formal sales training department, or sales trainers. We learned from each other and our core reps were strong enough teach the newer reps the ropes.


That all changed once we started approaching $100 Million in sales. All of the sudden we had formal sales trainers, formal sales classes, travel expenses to conduct both rep training and store training as well. The training department was born!


Was it needed? Absolutely. Was it effective? For the most part yes.


What was the major pitfall of the formal training classes?


The major pitfall was that the sales reps never thought these expensive sales training courses were of any value - They thought... "This doesn't apply to what I do."


Imagine that,  you just spent $10,000 and your sales reps didn't think it applied to the jobs that they were doing on a daily basis!


During the younger days of my sales and sales management career I agreed that the training wasn't exactly like our type of sales - however I was smart enough to know that what I was learning was valuable and I would use a lot of it everyday.


As the years progressed and I passed from one sales management job to the next, always advancing my sales career, I noticed that... Even though these are different reps, with different products they are still leaving these expensive sales training classes with the same thought... "This doesn't apply to what I do."


I would like to say to all of those sales trainers that I have had the privilege to work with that all of you did a good if not a great job at delivering your training programs. These all encompassing training platforms and processes are terrific but... they rarely get to or they don't spend enough time on the problems of the specific sales department at hand.


So what is our thinking, the new thinking on how to train a sales staff?


It boils down to 1 simple rule: Train on what needs to be fix, don't try to reinvent the entire sales process.


All of the current sales programs focus on retraining the entire sales process. We all have been through some formal training based on Zig Ziglar, Sandler Sales or even Brian Tracy. All of these are excellent but - none of these focus on exactly what is needed in YOUR sales department.


What's different with Atlanta Sales and Consulting is that we are not trying to reinvent the sales process. My job as President of this company is to learn exactly how you are currently conducting your sales process, understanding your individuals reps strengths and weaknesses, learning your best practices and your worst habits and build a training program around those findings.


Once the areas needing to be fixed have been identified, I start at the top of the sales management chain and work my way downward. Most of my time will be spent training the trainers, who for most sales organizations, the frontline trainer, is the local sales manager.


The local sales manager and I will work with each rep both individually and as a sales management team to begin the advancement of your entire team.


Most sales teams are not "broken," they have just lost their edge, their competitiveness, their desire to win. Some teams just need compensation changes. Other teams need to learn the art of "asking for the sale." Still other sales teams as a whole are terrible at follow-up and follow-through.


Here's the bottom line: If you have more "c" and "d" players than "a" or "b" players, then you need Atlanta Sales and Consulting TODAY.


There are a host of problems that a sales team might be encountering - those are the issues we focus on, those are the only issues that we will be training on - what your team needs today to win again.


Hire us for your next sales training and we will provide immediate tangible sales results!


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David Peterson - President: Atlanta Sales and Consulting