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Training new sales representatives:

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Atlanta New Hire Sales Training

Sales is a very tough job. We like to say that sales is the easiest job to get and it is one of the hardest jobs to keep. The reason...

Most newly hired salespeople have not been properly trained on the sales process. Or they have been formally trained but that training although fundamentally correct was not properly related to the goods and services that they were tasked to sell.

Atlanta Sales and Consulting takes a different approach. We tailor our training to your product or service. We want your new sales representatives to experience exactly how their sales calls will typically proceed.

Our new hire sales training course includes intense roll play situations. The entire class will participate in the role-plays in both acting through the situations given and critiquing the results.

The goal of our New Hire Sales Training is to allow your new sales representatives to "hit the ground running" in your organization.

Here are the subjects that we will be covering.

  1. Introduction to the sales process
  2. Fundamentals
  3. Lead tracking and follow-up
  4. The opening statement
  5. Building rapport
  6. Getting past the gatekeeper
  7. Probing questions
  8. Letting your prospect take you on their journey
  9. The stall objection
  10. Trial closes
  11. The pitch
  12. Relating your pitch to the prospect
  13. Painting the picture
  14. Overcoming objections
  15. Closing
  16. Types of closings

This intensive new hire sales training will require 2 full days. It can be done at your location or at one of our regional facilities.

Classes fill up quickly so please sign up early. The cost per student is $495/class.

We will travel outside of the Atlanta area for a new hire training class of 10 or more students.


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Mission Statement
To provide sales training and sales consulting services that will provide immediate results to small and medium sized businesses within the greater Atlanta area.