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Why do a pre-employment screen?

Can you afford to make a bad hire? It has been written that the average size of workplace violence litigation is about $500,000.00 and the average jury award is now over $3,000,000.00.

With pricing from $8 to $35 per pre-employment screen can you afford to not have a thorough background check done on your employees? Should you let someone with horrible credit run your cash register?

The pre-employment screening business is about trust. Do you trust the pre-employment screen that you have just received on a prospective employee?

We have 15 years experience in the background checks and the pre-employment screening business in the Atlanta Georgia area. We are founding members of NAPBS (National Association or Professional Background Screeners).  This is all that we do!

We can typically get a background check to you in under 24 hours! Also there are never any minimum screening amounts or yearly contracts to be signed when working with us.

For more information either call me at 770-298-0951 or fill out the form on the right.