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Local Lead Generation - Driving Inbound Leads To YOUR Business

Does Your Sales Team Need Leeds?

Do you need local leads?

As a Sales Manager there is nothing more frustrating than to see one of your sales reps failing.

Sales training classes and individual sales coaching may not be enough. In today's competitive environment if you can provide quality leads then you will have an instant advantage.

Atlanta Sales and Consulting has an answer! We have developed a Local Lead Generation program that can drive sales. Not just any leads... Inbound Leads!

Our suite of services for local lead generation include:

  1. Creation of pre-built or "spec" keyword specific mini-sites to capture direct web traffic Example: Tallahassee Solar Energy
  2. Backend support to place the website on the 1st page of Google, Yahoo, and Bing
  3. Your inbound sales phone numbers is placed on our site
  4. Your email will receive the generated leads from our website

Optional Suite of Local Lead Generation Services:

  1. Google, Bing, and Yahoo PPC (Pay Per Click) administration to drive maximum traffic at minimum pricing
  2. Backend sales help - our sales staff will answer your website chats and drive the calls to your inbound sales line!
  3. Additional mini-site creation to generate local traffic based on your specific key words

Pricing for Local Lead Generation

  1. Mini Sites setup fee:    $199/ One-time
  2. Mini Site maintenance: $49/Month

Hire us today. You can contact us today by clicking here or calling 770-298-0951.

Local Lead Generation Sites Ready for Purchase

Atlanta 13 Roofing Websites for sale to one buyer

Purchase all 13 websites for $799. We will transfer them to your server or we can host them for you for an additional $100/year.

Tallahassee Solar Energy

Lease Now $199/Setup + $49/Month:

Purchase Domain and Website Outright $500

Electrical Contractor Tallahassee

Lease Now $199/Setup + $49/Month:

Purchase Domain and Website Outright $300

Pensacola Electrical Contractor

Lease Now $199/Setup + $49/Month

Purchase Pensacola Electrical Contractor Domain and Website Outright for $300 Click the "Buy Now" button below


Orange Park Electrician

Lease Now $199/Setup + $49/Month

Purchase Domain and Website Outright $500

We can provide immediate local lead generation results to your experienced sales representatives...


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