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Mary Kay, Avon, and Direct Marketing Sales Training

It's no secret the average person getting involved in direct marketing such as Avon or Mary Kay struggles to become successful.

It is not the company... You really can't argue that Mary Kay or Avon are not successful - because they are. They both have terrific products, dedicated people, and superior leaders.

So why do so many sales associates fail, give up, or just fade away?

The answer is fairly simple, these are average people who have not been formally trained to sell. Once the excitement of joining the team wears off and they have sold to all of their friends and family they don't know where to turn.

We know where to turn, there is some very good news right here:

At Atlanta Sales and Consulting we have one belief.

That belief is: Sales is a process that can be taught.

That's right we believe that anyone with basic talents can learn to sell. You don' have to rely on your friends and family to keep you in business.

We believe that 75% of "sales" is a science that has a process. That sales process can be taught and easily picked up with practice.

You can learn how to sell!

These basic talents can be learned through professional sales training. That training does not have to be in a formal classroom. It can be from the desk you are sitting at right now. It can be from your living room or your home office.

With our web based online sales training you are invited into a LIVE interactive program. These classes allow you ask specific questions to help move your sales process in the right direction.

That direction is towards the CLOSE! Our web based online selling classes will have an immediate positive impact on your personal close rates.

Sales can be taught. The science of sales is just a process. That sales process is OPEN, PROBE, PITCH and CLOSE.

Our 1 hour classes cover:

  1. Lead Generation - Where can you find leads? How should you approach them? How do you track them. How many touches should a lead get?
  2. Opening Statements - How to grab someone's attention and get permission to speak about your product line.
  3. Probing Questions - Finding your prospect's needs. Determining if this is a need or a want.  Discovering objections. Listening and learning about your prospect and their business.
  4. Pitching your Product - How to paint the picture so your customer can see themselves using your service or product. How to tie the product back to the prospect's needs. How to cover the objections that arose during probing.
  5. Closing the Sale - Using trial closes to determine where you are in the process. Knowing when to close. Asking for the sale by using different types of closing statements. Tips for successful closings.

Each of the 5 web based sales training classes above is only $49.00/session. Each class is a LIVE 1 hour session and allows you to ask questions and give feedback. Class participation is encouraged.

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After signing up an email will arrive asking you to state your specific sales issue on that topic. We will use that topic to help you to succeed.

These classes will give you an immediate positive sales impact on your business!

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Avon, Mary Kay, Direct Marketing Sales Training.

Mission Statement:

To provide sales training and sales consulting services that will provide immediate sales results to small and medium sized businesses within the greater Atlanta area.


Special 1-hour Class Combining the Opening Statement and Probing Questions

Increase your close rate with our web based sales training


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Free web based sales training - The topic is covering objections

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