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I divulge to all of my sales training classes the same declaration.

That declaration or belief is: Sales is a process that can be taught.

That's right anyone with basic talents can learn to sell. 75% of "sales" is a science that has a process. That sales process can be taught and easily picked up with practice. The other 25% of "sales" is an art. That art is acquired through experience.

The basic talents, qualities and values that any sales representative should possess are:

  • Self Starter
  • Entrepreneur Spirit
  • Competitive
  • Energetic
  • Good Listener
  • Articulate
  • Fast Learner
  • Willing to Learn
  • Organized
  • Disciplined

If you are hiring salespeople with those 10 characteristics then I can train them to be successful as independent sales representatives.

Sales can be taught. The science of sales is just a process. That sales process is OPEN, PROBE, PITCH and CLOSE.

No matter who is training the sales class, and how many steps they have placed in their training program it all boils down to open, probe, pitch and close.

Around the sales process are fundamental tasks that must be completed at every step of the process. These tasks include but are not limited to:

  • Lead Generation
  • Lead Tracking
  • Follow-Up
    • Before the sale
    • After the sale
  • Product Training
  • Coaching
  • Customer / Prospect Correspondence

Between the fundamental tasks and the sales process the sales representative leads the customer to the end. The sales process is a funnel you start with a large amounts of leads at the top and you end up with closing a few satisfied customers at the bottom.

Skip any part of the sales process and your satisfied customer will become a - RETURN.

Your sales representatives, including your experienced sales representatives need to follow the process. Your sales department and your sales representatives should be able to tell you where every lead is within the process - no exceptions.

ACS's Atlanta Sales Training Classes are geared for the growing company that needs to train or retrain sales representatives on that sales process.

Our goal is to provide immediate results by zeroing in on those parts of the process that are being missed.

If you are finding that your sales department is having trouble closing the sale then hire Atlanta Sales and Consulting. You will probably find that it is not the closing process that is causing you issues, it is someplace else in the sales process that has been missed.

Hire us today. You can contact us today by clicking here or calling 770-298-0951.

We can provide immediate sales results to your experienced sales representatives.


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