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Telephone  Sales Training

Atlanta Sales and Consulting believes that there are only a few difference between cold calling using the telephone as your vehicle and cold calling using your car as your vehicle.

These differences are:

  1. Cold calling via the telephone is 100 times more efficient than any alternative.
  2. When on the phone you obviously can't see what the prospect is doing, but you can certainly sense if the prospect is following your conversation.

The #1 difference far outweighs the #2 difference. In fact we would argue that not being able to see your prospect can be an advantage.

This advantage is that your telesales reps are forced to listen more intently and they must precisely follow the sales process when in a telesales environment.

You will be hard pressed to find anyone that doesn't think that B2B telesales is hands-down the best method for lead production.

Also, If you build a world class B2B telesales team then you will build a team that will know when it is time to close the sale. A world class team will ultimately win more business than its competitors.

How do you build a world class telesales team... You train, coach, motivate and manage them until you get it right. It will not happen unless you teach them how to sell in a telesales environment.

At Atlanta Sales and Consulting we believe that Sales is a process that can be taught. This sales process certainly includes telephone sales.

We structure our telephone sales training to focus on the sales process, the fundamentals that must be accomplished, and the unique opportunities that telephone sales can bring to your department.

Sales is process. You have to teach your sales representatives this process which is how to: Open, Probe, Pitch and Close.

There are also fundamental tasks that must be accomplished everyday. These include:

  • Prospecting
  • Lead Tracking
  • Follow-up
    • Before the Sale
    • Post Sale
  • Product Training
  • Coaching
  • Customer / Prospect Correspondence

Our job at Atlanta Sales and Consulting is to train your representatives, your trainers, and your sales managers to get the most out of every telesales call.

We conduct our telephone sales training classes either onsite or at offsite locations to better serve our clientele.

Hire us today for your next telephone sales training class. You can contact us today by clicking here or calling 770-298-0951.

Our training can provide immediate telesales results to your newly hired or experienced sales representatives.


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 Telephone Sales Training

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